Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Been Awhile

Haven't updated in awhile, haven't done much in awhile. Last Saturday, the 5th, Andrea and I got out to Burchfield to do a couple hours of trail work. A ton of people showed-up and it turned out to be quite productive. We cleared all the trails that were above water.

We finished so quickly we had time to sneak out to Rose Lake for a "ride" the first of the season. There's not enough GPS in the world for me to keep from being lost on that trail system. I can't explain it, I have a good trail memory and a keen sense of direction but that place just confuses me. It's probably the 4th most trail I've ridden. Anyway, it was nice to finally be on a trail. Bonus we saw Frank and Billy out there.

The next day was absolutely beautiful. Andrea and I met Jake at Yankee Springs for the first real ride of the season. There's nothing like Yankee Springs to make all those winter trainer hours seem like all you did was munch Doritos in the lazy chair in front of the big screen. We've got a race there this Sunday and it aint gonna be pretty. A few years ago I raced Yankee as my first ride of the season, with limited winter training and smoked my time from this past Sunday. Hopefully raceday adrenaline will get me through a bit faster and make me feel like less of a failure.

Since then it's been pretty low-key. Andrea had her last pre-wedding shower (pictures: Lansing, Jackson) this past Sunday. We've been keeping up with the Wings Stanley Cup run. I was able to fit in a card game Friday and a night out with the guys Saturday. Now it's time to buckle-down, get a few rides in before the first race and drop a few pounds before Key West.