Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Been Awhile

I'm not sure I've actually ridden a bike since my last post. Not exactly sure why. I've got my road wheel in to Spin Street Cycles to get fixed. Once it's back, I'm on the trainer. Last year I used the cyclocross bike on the trainer and didn't really seem to get as good a workout. Hopefully, having the road bike back will see an increase in intensity. If anyone is still looking to get me a Christmas present, I wouldn't mind getting Spinervals Competition 26.0 The Hardcore 100. 300+ minutes of training love.

Since I haven't been on the bike and the weight training machine is gathering dust, I had to let my nutrition go to hell, as well. I'm targeting 30 pounds that need to shed by mid-June. But before we get started with that, I'd like to share this interesting recipe I found. It's bacon cinnamon rolls. YUM!

I'll be back with the positive news of my lost weight and increased fitness shortly. First I got to get some bacon.


Spin Street said...

Okay, so the bacon cinnamon roll might just be the best looking snack I've ever seen.