Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Tried

With the unseasonably warm temperature we've had the past few days, my front yard was nearly void of snow. So I pulled the bike off the trainer, loaded it in the car, put n the winter riding gear, put the puppies away for nap and headed out for Rose Lake. Got out to the rail and there was a little more snow than home, still, it looked rideable. So I got the bike ready, put on my gear and headed out. I slid along for about 20 yards, turned around and walked back to the car. Andrea gave it a noble try as I watched, hoping it was my slick tires ha may have been my problem. She suffered similar results. The trip was a bust. We stopped at Revolution Cycles on the way home to pick-up a Christmas present, so I guess it wasn't a total bust.

When we got home I prepped the crosser for the trainer as the mountain bike is just a bit loud for my tastes and I'm still waiting on the wheel for the roadie. When I got her locked in we loaded Coach Troy's On The Road 2.0 - Lake Placid training ride. It's nearly a three hour ride that follows the Ironman Lake Placid course. I wasn't sure how much time I could handle on the trainer but I had scheduled 80 minutes of training for today and needed to make up 45 minutes from yesterday. I made it the 2 hours and 5 minutes I needed and called it quits. I'm sure I could have made the entire ride but my legs were gassed, I didn't need a 3 hour session and over-training at this time of the year seems like a bad idea. We've scheduled a team ride in Jackson tommorow. We plan on riding the trails at Ella Sharp park, with the rail-trail as a back-up.

After the ride I took a much needed shower, 20 minutes of warm water never felt so good. We then went out for some dinner, yumm filet and lobster. Then I went to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping while Andrea finished hers at Target and ******. It was incredible how short the lines were everyplace I shopped. I've never done the last minute rush so quickly. The relative ease of the process surely lead to me over-spending. But with the economy the way it is around here, the retailers probably need it more than I. Oh well, all I have to do is put some paper on 'em and I'm done.


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