Monday, December 17, 2007

Indoor Training

With the big snow storm this weekend, we're stuck indoors. I spent about 15 minutes shoveling snow yesterday and can hardly move today. What I can't understand is the machine at the gym that mimics Ahrnold's Good Mornings I can almost lift the entire stack. I realize the movements aren't exactly the same but come on. 15 minutes lifting light snow and I'm reduced to walking like Fred Sanford.

Tonight I loaded the mountain bike on the trainer and dove right in. I didn't pick any of the easy 45 minute Spinervals Fitness series DVD's. Nope I chose the 80 minute Aero Base Building DVD. It's not a difficult DVD workout wise. But it's a dull hour and twenty minutes. At least Coach Troy included the option to turn the music off. It's much better listening to my non-Ipod than the elevator muzak included on the disc.

Speaking of Coach Troy, he as a DVD of the month club on his web site. It's a very economical way to build a collection. For someone like me, who can't ride the trainer without a structured workout video, an extensive collection is a good thing.

Tomorrow we have a creative people holiday get together so I get an early rest day. Being a non-creative type, I'm just tagging along with Andrea. It's at a nice bar, so it's all good.