Monday, December 17, 2007

Rose Lake

Andrea and I got a nice ride in at Rose Lake Saturday before the storm hit. It was nice to get out on the Mt Bike again but after the dumping of snow we got Sunday it might be awhile before we can get out again. The trail was in excellent condition. There was very little snow and no ice. =The winter is probably the best time of year to ride Rose Lake, sand is easier to ride when it's frozen. It's nice to see that, although I hadn't rode in the winter the past couple years, I still remember how to dress appropriately. We plan to head down to Southeastern Missouri during the holidays. Hopefully we can find a trail or two.

The guys at the bike shop Quality Bicycle Products are scratching their heads trying to come-up with replacement parts for my wheel. It looks like I'll be stuck riding the mountain bike and cyclocross bike on the trainer. I'm starting my program tonight, but I'm not looking forward to it.