Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Been A Really, Really Long Time

Sorry, I haven't been real motivated.

The Hanson Hills race, from what seems like a long time ago, was a bust. It was a race I should have finished high, I didn't. I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't eat or drink prior to the race. I did get the hole shot and stayed with the leaders for the first mile. I lost them mid way through the first hill. My heart spiked and I blew-up (better than threw-up which is what I wanted to do). The rest of the race was a struggle to keep turning the pedals over. I finished and that's the best I could do. Next year I'm targeting this race, I really like the trail.

We've had a couple nice rides out at Burchfield. Last week we had a trail day (evening) with a phenomenal turnout. It sure is a lot easier to maintain the trails when we have more help than work.

This past weekend Andrea and I went North for the Lumberjack 100. I spent the morning snapping pictures, then we helped out at an aid station. It was a great time, everyone was super nice. I hope I can race it next year, if I can't I'll be back to help.

Sunday we had a chapter picnic and poker run at Burchfield. It was a great event with another nice turnout. We raised some money and gave away some cool prizes.

We have the reception coming-up Friday. After that, it's back to training. Andrea needs to maintain her series lead and it would be nice if I could hold onto second in my division.