Friday, March 14, 2008


Have you heard of this guy Jonathan Lee Riches? He's locked up in South Carolina for wire fraud. Apparently, he occasionally gets as bored as I do. While I waste time surfing "teh interwebs" he's filed over a thousand lawsuits in federal district courts nationwide. Here's some summaries from Justia:

Riches et al v. Vick et al August 3, 2007
Plaintiff a/k/a "Credit Card Czar" d/b/a "The Nostradamus of Commerce" seeks $662 trillion in British Gold delivered via JB Hunt trucking. Plaintiff alleges that he used a stolen credit card for surgery on his dog because Michael Vick broke its leg. Plaintiff explains that dogs are forbidden to take out home equity loans with Countrywide Financial. Plaintiff also charges that Michael Vick ordered Jason Michael Carpenter (Riches' co-defendant) to send a botnet trojan horse into his court records and place false information to make Plaintiff look evil. Plaintiff also noted that Michael Vick is spelled Kciv Leahcim backwards.

Riches v. Vick July 23, 2007
Prisoner Johnathan Lee Riches© seeks $63 billion backed by gold and silver delivered via UPS from Michael Vick for allegedly stealing his two pit bulls and using them for dog fighting. Prisoner also alleges that Vick damaged the RFID chips in the plaintiff's dog collars, sold plaintiff's dogs on eBay and used the proceeds to purchase missiles from the Iran Government. Plaintiff also alleges that Michael Vick subjected him to microwave testing, but that's not all...

Riches v. Gordon et al September 12, 2007
Plaintiff (a/k/a "Litigator Crusador") alleged that defendant Jeff Gordon conspired with Barry Bonds, Michael Vick and others to drive his life insane, create madness in the world, and use #24 as a weapon of mass destruction. Plaintiff further alleged that defendant tied him to the bumper during the Talladega race, took Kit from Night Rider, used his #24 car in illegal car fights at Jiffy Lube Express, and used the #24 to hit Juan Valdez's horse. Plaintiff seeks a preliminary injunction to prevent defendant from driving off without paying at Sunoco stations.

If you're as bored as Riches and I, take a look at some of his cases at Justia.


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