Wednesday, May 21, 2008

... And We're Back

It was an awesome trip and a perfect wedding. We got to visit with friends and family, had a few cocktails, ate some great food and had a really fun time. No rest for the weary, however. The lawn is out of control, the house is a disaster area and the dogs are in need of much attention (although they must have a good time because they slept the full first two days they were home).

Once the lawn is mowed (not an easy task mowing two weeks worth of growth with a reel mower) and a wide enough path is cut through the house to safely escape, we're heading North. Because of the unusually high amount of snowfall this winter, it's been a long time since we've been up. I'm sure there's some work that needs to be done around there. We also need to pre-ride the Hanson Hills race course. It'd be nice to get the kayaks out but I'm sure the river is still really, really cold. Heck, the air is still really, really cold getting down near freezing at night.

We also still have to finalize the plans for the reception. It should be quite a bit easier than the wedding planning, seeing how everyone here is on Michigan instead of Key West "time." We're meeting with the DJ tonight and will meet with the "caterer" soon. I'm anticipating a very relaxing July.

I'll leave you with some random photos, there are more on the Flickr site and many more left to load.








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