Thursday, May 1, 2008


So the plan was to run a 5k at the beginning and end of the season, without training, as a fitness gauge.

That was a stupid plan!

Sunday I "ran" the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. During the "run" I never really taxed my cardiovascular system so this is a poor gauge for aerobic fitness. I did tax some muscles in my leg I had forgotten all about. They were in a groove for the first mile and a half but then went on strike faster than a UAW member at a GM plant. My production line was shut down and my pace ground to a halt. I tried to recruit some "scab" muscles to fill-in for the striking "run" muscles that have been neglected for the past few decades. Unfortunately, my internal union struck a deal between the run muscles and cycle muscles and the cycle muscles wouldn't cross the line. In the end I was able to negotiate a temporary contract that allowed us to get to the finish line.

After the race I provided plenty of beer to both the run and cycle muscles, hoping they'd get drunk enough to forget the days activities and get back on board with the program. It didn't work. Both stayed on strike for the next two days, so I stayed in bed, on the couch or in the lazy chair. We finally reached an agreement to scrap the stupid plan. No more running without training. Everyone's back to happy again. Which is a good thing since we'll be in Key West in less than a week. Isn't it funny how these contract negations always get done just before everyone goes on vacation?

Next up, Fort Custer Stampede this Sunday. Followed by 10 days in paradise.