Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Shoe Tree

I saw this at the Detroit Free Press this afternoon.

It's only a few miles from our cabin. I don't know the story behind the tree. We usually tell new visitors that everyone throws them up there and the Amish come and pick-out the ones they like when they need a new pair.


Anonymous said...

Amish, hell. I have a pair of Red-Wings that I'm still wearing. I used to live in Comins,AH...Good to see you are keeping your blog up to date. The other blog must be on the DL due to the major sports injury. I'm thinking about running with you next year in the Susan Koman. I kinda like where you were at because you can see the end of the line.

Stephanie said...

in western new york, about a mile south of lake ontario, near lyndonville there is the same thing, about 4 trees with hundreds of shoes, in an amish community. any new clues as to why its there?