Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like I Said ...

No rest for the weary. We headed up North this weekend. The weather was perfect, warm afternoons and cool nights. Rose (Andrea's mom), Scott and Ben (not the Key West Ben) came up, as well. We had some good camp fires, an awesome cookout and a couple great rides. Friday, around dusk, I went to check to make sure my marker flags were up at the driveway so Scott and Ben could find the place. On the way back a saw a small black bear hanging out around one of our ponds. It took off when it saw me but I still hustled back to camp.

Saturday we rode at Rifle River. It was our first time there, even though it's probably the closest trail to us. Not knowing the trail, we went through the hardest hilly part first. Looking at my Garmin's data it seems we climbed around a 1,000 feet over the first three miles. The trail flattened out nicely after that but we were a little gassed after the early workout. We ended up out on the trail for about three hours.

After our ride, we bathed in one of the local lakes. It was COLD but it felt good on the tired muscles. After a quick recovery chocolate milk we headed back for town and some grub. We found a good deal on prime rib and potatoes in Mio so we stopped there. After dinner Ben and I went to the club to watch the Wings crush the Pens.

Sunday, we headed to Grayling to scout Hanson Hills. It's the site of this Sunday's race. It's a great trail, it has lots of climbing but none of the extreme grades that we found at Rifle River or that seem prevalent downstate. We spent about an hour and a half tooling around before heading back toward camp.

We stopped at Scott's motel on the way through for a quick shower. Once back at camp, I fired up the grill for a nice tri-tip (a cut of beef from the bottom sirloin, also known as a Santa Maria steak). We added some homemade macaroni and cheese with a salad. We closed out the night with hobo pies and a rain shower.

I don't have any pictures but Andrea has posted some.

Monday was mostly a day of rest while watching the Wings clobber the Pens. Tuesday we had an MMBA Mid-State meeting. I'm once again chapter president.

Last night I finally bought a new lawn mower. My yard is just too rough for a reel mower. I unboxed, assembled, filled and mowed in the time it took to mow with the reel. Sorry greenies I need the power of petrol.

This weekend we're back up North. We're racing Sunday, it's our last scheduled race until the end of July.