Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Defeat Without the Agony

Sunday was the Fort Custer Stampede, it's a good race on a fun trail I'm familiar with. Luckily, My fitness, skills and confidence are starting to come back. But I rode the race way, way too conservative. Something like a wild maverick pandering to a new base. I was on the new race bike for the first time, ever. I must have screwed-up something when I changed the grips over from the Superlight because the grip came loose early but it didn't end up being more than a minor distraction, much better than mass destruction. Because of the new bike, the upcoming trip (to the keys and down the aisle) I let my early-lead slip to the last entering the singletrack. I continued to be way to easy and polite for more than half the race. I finally got upset near the end and pored it on but ended up a day late and a dollar short. I still have 5 series races left with an optional sixth. As soon as we get back it'll be time to focus on becoming the front runner I'm capable of being.

24 hours from now (disregard the time on this blog, it's wrong) I'll be back in paradise.


I'm going to try and make some posts from down there but I'm not sure what we'll find for Internets connections.